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True pizza

never dies!


We asked ourselves if we could freeze, in one instant, all the qualities of our pizza in a way you won’t miss the real thing also at home. Same ingredients, no compromises, nNea style, at your home, whenever you fancy it.

​With research and passion we created nNeafrozen, the ultimate frozen pizza experience.

We think the best expression of our pizza is not in a box, shaken, forgotten, flipped, delivered late. We believe our frozen pizza baked at home tastes even better than one stuck in a delivery bag for several minutes.


Try nNeafrozen or become a reseller.

Buy directly at one of our resellers.

Terre Lente - Westerstraat 55, 1015 LV Amsterdam

Stach - Overtoom 112, 1054 BV Amsterdam

Stach  - Admiraal de Ruijterweg 77hs, 1057 JZ Amsterdam 

Stach - Van Woustraat 154, 1073 LW Amsterdam     

Midiwines - Grote Oost 49, 1621 BS Hoorn


Let us delivery nNeafrozen at your doorstep in Amsterdam. 


Peddler Delivery. Shop online. www.peddler.com

Ubereats - nNea

Let us delivery nNeafrozen at your doorstep in Rotterdam 

Jeqqo  Delivery. Shop online. www.jeqqo.nl

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